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Who we are?

We are Oxford and County, specialist building experts with over 30 years of experience in driveway installation, patio installation, outside space redevelopment and fencing in Oxford and throughout Oxfordshire. We have a reputation for quality and customer service and have completed thousands of installations since our first in 1989. Our clients, for fencing and other works, include big name-businesses such as Burger King, alongside more local enterprises such as Chilton Garden Centre and Root One Garden centre, both near Didcot.

All of our fencing in Oxford is carried out by highly-skilled professionals, who will help to guide you through the process with the benefit of their years' of experience.

What we offer

We supply fencing and other garden products in and around Oxford. Descriptions of the quality fences we supply can be found below:

  • Solid Fence Panels – Solid fencing is a solution great solution for those environments where more privacy is generally required! A solid fence panel is made without gaps between the slats, essentially creating a single screen of timber. This variety of fencing includes:
    • Canterbury Combi Slatted Panels – A modern and attractive fence type that combines Venetian and Tongue and Groove fencing,it is robust yet allows air to pass through the top section.
    • Featherboard – An ever-popular and traditional style of fence which is commonly used in gardens throughout Oxford and the UK. The fence pales here overlap each other to maintain the levels of privacy required.
    • Tongue & Groove – These fencing panels are interlocked and sandwiched in a rebated frame, so offer a considerable level of security. Depending on your desired appearance, the boards can run vertically or horizontally.
  • Decorative/Semi-Solid Panels – This type of fencing is all about making a statement! Options for this variety can include:
    • Louvre - A style of fence optimised to suit modern gardens and styled after Louvre blinds, the larger slats offer greater privacy while still retaining a certain level of style!
    • Venetian – This variety allows plenty of light to pass through the slats, creating a lighter garden and contemporary feel.
    • Hit & Miss – Named because the boards are fixed to the front and back of the posts, this fencing is aesthetically pleasing from both front and back!
    • Woven – Similar to Hit & Miss, this style weaves more fluidly between each post to create a fence that looks good on both sides.
  • Handcrafted/Trellis Fencing – Trellis is an ornamental fence type that is commonly used as a garden screen or topper of more solid fences. Here, we recommend the use of quality timber that has been properly treated, otherwise your pretty fencing could very quickly warp in adverse weather conditions! Pre-treated fence options are also available.

Why choose us?

At Oxford and County, our specialist team will be able to advise you on the best fencing solution for your requirements, to suit your home and outdoor space. No matter what your needs may be, we will be able to work with you to quickly and efficiently supply and install your chosen fencing for you!