Gardening Services in Oxford

Oxford and County; your reliable gardening services in Oxford and throughout Oxfordshire!

Proud to provide building services for over 30 years

About us

We are Oxford and County, a provider of quality landscaping and gardening services in Oxford and beyond! Our customer-focused, friendly approach has helped us grow our sterling reputation throughout Oxfordshire, where we have been providing general building and gardening services since 1989.

We specialise in renovating outdoor spaces for private and commercial customers and work tirelessly to ensure our gardening services in Oxford are only of the very best quality, and that all of your requirements are met!

If you are looking for us to create you a flora-filled haven of relaxation or simply to maintain your outdoor space more regularly, our gardening services in Oxford are for you!

What we provide

Our experts are highly-skilled and offer a plethora of services throughout Oxfordshire. Your work will be carried out by our team of trained professionals who are extremely experienced in the gardening and maintenance fields! Some of the work we offer includes:

  • Lawn Care – Keeping your lawn trim is the key to maintaining its health! Each mow of your lawn encourages the grass to grow more thickly, helping to create a fuller look. A lustrous lawn will also help to keep weeds away, as it prevents weed seed contact with the soil. We recommend incorporating a weekly mowing into your gardening services, which should start in March/April, when your lawn starts to grow again after the cold winter months!
  • Hedge Cutting -The right hedge can create the perfect first impression! The frequency of your hedge cut will depend on the size, style and species of your hedges and should only ever be completed by a suitably sharp pair of shears or cutters! We would be happy to advise on the frequency of cut needed for your variety of hedge.
  • Tree Pruning – Pruning is essential to the longevity of any tree, as structural pruning guides the growth and architecture and of course improves aesthetics! This is particularly vital in Autumn, as branch loss should be minimised before the winter weather sets in.
  • Weeding/Hoeing – If you have any kind of outdoor space, then you'll be all too familiar with weeds! Different types of weeds will flourish in different weather conditions, so be sure to keep an eye on what sprouts when! A 'hoe' is used the scrape through dry soil, which hinders new seeds from sprouting, while deeper rooted weeds will need to be taken up by hand. We can advise on the best gardening option to be taken.

Why choose Oxford and County?

We are committed to our customers, and always try to ensure that they only receive the highest standard of gardening services in Oxford possible! We do this by putting the process back in your hands. Our initial consultation comes with no obligation and the final product is completely finalised by you! If you're not happy then we'll work until you are.