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About us

Looking for a gravel driveway in Oxford? Then look no further! Oxford and County Driveways are proud to be able to provide extensive solutions for your gravel drive installations, throughout Oxford and the Oxfordshire area!

We have been installing driveways since 1989 and in that time have undertaken thousands of projects, including working with big name clients, local businesses and numerous organisations. We take great care in ensuring each drive installation is tailored to each client, and offer a complete, full-service package; your gravel drive instalment will be optimised right from the initial, no-obligation site survey right through to the customer-led approval.

We are here to make this process as painless and as easy as possible for you!

Gravel Drive Construction – A Guide

So what can you expect from the installation process?

Laying a gravel drive or path can be a very time consuming operation, but broken down into into stages can make the whole thing much simpler to get your head around. Here,we examine each element of the procedure and describe why each leg of laying your gravel drive is essential:

  • Excavation – The layer of topsoil is removed to expose the subsoil beneath. This is essential, as the topsoil has poor weight bearing abilities and retains water very easily.
  • Geotextile membrane – Should be placed directly on top of the excavated ground. For more on why this is such a key step, see our more in-depth explanation below!
  • Sub-Base – The sub-base is essential in helping to spread the weight of any traffic from above. It also creates a layer that works to limit channelisation and rutting
  • Gravel – Now adding the gravel to your gravel drive! This element is a purely cosmetic aspect, and the final finishing touch. A maximum depth is recommended at 50mm here. Once the gravel is raked and levelled, it's done!

Gravel drives are typically comprised of small, angular or rounded stones and can come in almost any colour, or even a blend of colours! Popular varieties of gravel optimised for driveways usually consist of granite, basalt or flint, as these are the hardest wearing and can be laid for both footpaths, driveways or driveways.

For optimum results and to reduce weed growth (and as mentioned above), a membrane can be laid out underneath the sub-base. This membrane allows natural elements to permeate through the material to the ground underneath while keeping your gravel drive clean. A great solution which benefits the environment as well as the aesthetics of your property!

Why choose a gravel drive?

Gravel driveways are simple to manage and easy to maintain, and often represent a value-for-money fix. You also have the advantage of being able to customise your driveway with a wide selection of colour options and area coverage! So for all of your gravel drive solutions in Oxford, then be sure to contact Oxford and County Driveways.