Landscape Gardener in Oxford

Landscape gardening services from Oxford and County Driveways!

Proud to provide gardening services throughout Oxford and wider Oxfordshire since 1989

About us

Are you looking for an expert landscape gardener in Oxford? Is your outside space in need of a major re-vamp? The look no further! We are friendly, family-orientated business with customer care and quality control at the forefront of everything we do. We specialise in both commercial and private outdoor spaces and our landscape gardeners work hard to provide quality gardening services throughout Oxfordshire.

Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance garden or a space that require nurturing and tending, our professional landscape gardeners will be able to find the perfect solution for you!

What we offer

Oxford and Country Driveways offer full service landscape garden installations and services, and are specialists in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping and contemporary and traditional design elements. Our extensive services include:

  • Driveways – We are proud of our reputation for excellence in installing all varieties of driveway, including tarmacing,block paving and gravel drive installation options.
  • Fencing and Trellis – All types of fences are available, from solid fence panels in the ever-popular featherboard style, through to more decorative varieties such as Venetian or Louvre. Our fences are aesthetically pleasing and offer a great level of security!
  • Gates – We can install gates with hinges, latches or bolts, dependent on gate size and style. Our gates also perfectly compliment your chosen fencing!
  • Decking – An essential element in our landscape gardening portfolio! Our decking is completely tailored to your space and can either be raised, lowered, or have multiple levels. Decking materials include softwood (like pine, a cheaper but weaker option, though easy to install), hardwood (like oak, an expensive but hard-wearing and long-lasting option) and composite (made from combination of wood and plastic, it is low maintenance, waterproof, but can't be colour changed once installed.)
  • Patios – We can help you turn your garden into a relaxing retreat, with a host of patio options. These can include:
    • Flagstones for a more uniform design and symmetrical.
    • Clay brickwork, for a more versatile and flexible design.
    • Indian stone paving, for a unique and hard-wearing look.
    • Gravel, for an easy and cheap solution.
    • All over concrete, that is easy to maintain and extremely cost effective.
  • Planting and Turfing – We can plant many forms of shrubs, trees and plants, and complement the style of flora chosen with the perfect lawn to suit your space.

All of our landscape gardening is designed to create a cohesive and cosmetically appealing space that fits with your home!

Why choose Oxford and County?

Our landscape gardening is completely full service. From the initial, no-obligation site visit from one of trained professionals right through to the final, customer-led approval, we take immense pride in knowing that our immense landscape gardening experience will leave you, the customer, with a finished product to be proud of!