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Eliminate weeds by installing pattern imprinted concrete at your property in Oxfordshire. With an extensive range of patterns and colours available, patterned concrete is an extremely strong and durable paving solution. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Oxford and County Driveways provides high-quality concrete installations for domestic homeowners. Our team in Oxford has also worked with local authorities and various commercial clients, including Burger King, Vodafone, and Thames Water.

How It Works

Pattern imprinted concrete is constructed by mess-pouring concrete onto a suitable compacted base, which is then levelled using specialist tools. This is followed by the application of a colour hardener that is 3 times stronger than the concrete itself. The surface is then trowelled for a smooth finish.

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Next, patterns are stamped on using a rubber mat. This highly skilled process depends on the operatives’ skill level. Stamping too early results in a sloppy mass and stamping too late will leave no pattern at all. Our skilled team are experienced in this process. Once printed, the pattern imprinted concrete is left to cure for at least 24 hours, after which contraction joints are cut in, to allow the concrete to expand and contract freely. Finally, we power-wash the concrete, leaving a clean and dust-free surface, before applying an oil-resistant acrylic sealant. This protects the surface and enhances the appearance of your surface by filling the contraction joints with a flexible, low modulus mastic.

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Book a Consultation

In order to make sure pattern imprinted concrete is a suitable solution for your property, book a consultation with our experienced team. One of our professional surveyors will visit your property to provide expert advice and a free quotation. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, our reliable team are here to help.

A Beautiful Finish

The beauty of the finished product is clearly visible in the many thousands of installations undertaken by skilled fitters from Oxford and County Driveways. Browse the gallery below and see some of our work.