Revive Tired and Worn Driveways with Resin Bonded Paving in Oxfordshire

- Proudly Serving Oxford and Customers throughout Oxfordshire -

For a fast fix solution to tired and worn paving, look no further than resin-bonded stone. Providing high-quality resin paving throughout Oxfordshire, we specialise in transforming your property. With a range of natural stone finishes available, our team in Oxford are able to install resin-bonded driveways to complement most properties, whether at home or in a commercial location with heavy traffic.

Reliable Paving

Used on roads across Britain, resin-bonded paving prevents tyres from skidding on sharp bends. Its surface is durable and attractive. The resin-bonding process involves the application of natural stone onto a pre-spread resin base, thus creating greater adhesion. The end result delivers a natural looking and impervious stone surface with a thickness between 6 and 8 millimetres.

Preparing Your Property

As with all our services, preparation is the key to a good finished product. The base must be stable before applying resin-bonded stone. To assure this, we offer a free survey and design service beforehand. With the benefit of 25 years’ experience in the industry, we are able to identify and anticipate any potential issues and plan accordingly.

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